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What is an off-grid solar power system ?

It is possible to install a solar system that is independent of the electrical grid. This is called an off-grid solar power system, Off-grid systems are most common in remote locations without utility service. Off-grid solar power systems operate independently from the local utility grid to provide electricity to a home, building, boat, or RV (or remote agricultural pumps, gates, traffic signs, etc.). These systems typically require a battery bank (to store solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather) as a backup source of energy.  An off-grid solar system must be large enough to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs of the buildling.  In all off-grid scenarios, electrical usage must be monitored and kept below the maximum output of the panels and batteries as there is no grid-source to supply excess power.


1. ideal for more remote situations where power is expensive to bring in.

2. totally freedom and independent. When the grid power cut, you don't.

3. no electricity bills to worry about.

4. no power outages.

5. self sufficiency on a clean, renewable energy source.


Application Range

1. Areas with no electricity, such as remote areas, orchard, farming, cultivation and woodland etc.

2. New village residential estate, villa etc;

3. Expressway monitoring system etc;

4. Telecommunication base, island, frontier defence etc;

5. Street light, garden light,  sign board, etc.


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