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Solar Street Lighting


SUNNYSKY-Solar Street Light, this solution make full use of various green energy, 100% energy saving, environmental friendly and no pollution to realize the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. It is easy to install and free maintenance can effectively reduce  operation cost.

Application Range

It can be widely used in urban areas, sub roads, residential, factories, tourist attractions, parking and other places which has rich solar and wind energy resources and is suitable for building such network projects as telecommunication repeater station, base station and transmission.


Lamp source: 30-98W

Solar panel: 80W-300W

Charge controller: 5A-20A

Maintenance-free battery: 12V38AH-400AH

Pole: 6-8 m

Control mode: light control & time control

working hours: 6-8 hours, last 3 rainy days

2015-12-30 Updated  


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