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off-grid solar power system for home

SUNNYSKY-Residential rooftop off-grid solar power system is specially designed for areas often power cut or without electricity. Solar arrays supply power for DC loads and charge for batteries through charge controller, at the same time batteries supply power for AC loads through stand alone inverter to be converted into alternating current (AC). 

Application Range:

Areas without utility grid power or always power cut, and all kinds of residential rooftop which can carry it.


1. We have years experience of solar power system core equipment R&D, manufacture and application. With the solar power system core technology, we improve more than 20-30% photovoltaic power generation efficiency, our solar power system with high efficiency and low cost.

2. With  profound theory and experienced photovoltaic power generation system professional design team, to supply the most optimized photovoltaic power generation system solutions for customers.

3. We are experienced in photovoltaic power generation system integration installation, can build high quality photovoltaic power generation system for you efficiently.

4. With photovoltaic power generation system construction expert consultation. 

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